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Property Information

These apartments are situated on various locations throughout central Kuopio, within walking distance of the railway and bus stations. All feature free WiFi. Choose a hotel quality apartment for your stay in Kuopio. We give you an opportunity to live just like you would at your own home. Kotimaailma Kuopio provides accommodation in several furnished apartments in the city center area. Each apartment is fully equipped and of high quality. Whether you are visiting Kuopio for a short term or need an extended stay hotel in Kuopio, our executive quality serviced apartments and furnished apartment are perfect for you. Please contact us for more than 7 night stays, and we will help you to find the best option for you.

Address 1: Kasarmikatu 1

City: Kuopio

Postal Code: 70110

Contact Name: Vesa Kauppila

Phone: +358503776668


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Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check-In: 03:00 PM

Check-Out: 12:00 PM

Property and Cancellation Policies:

Reservations done directly through us we apply the following rules:
  1. If cancelled or modified up to 7 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged.
  2. If cancelled or modified later or in case of no-show, the total price of the reservation will be charged.
Terms and Conditions


The accommodation payment is to be paid in advance. The payment will be charged from the given credit card after the reservation. If you prefer another payment method, please contact our staff. 

Checking in and out
Your room will be ready for you after 3pm if not agreed upon otherwise. You can visit our office which is open from Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm. If you are arriving outside these hours, fear not! We have several ways to hand out the keys to you. We collaborate with near by R-kioski that hand out our keys during their opening hours for a small fee (7 euros).
Please let us know your estimated time of arrival time, and we will contact you to help you choose the most convenient way to get the keys.  

Children under 3 years stay for free. We will provide a crib, potty and high chair with 20 € charges upon request. 

Pets are welcomed too! Please let us know if you are traveling with four legged familymembers, and we can accommodate you to an apartment where pets are allowed. Since we keep our pet apartments in as good of condition as the rest of them, we ask for small pet fee per animal. 

Terms and Conditions Kotimaailma Apartments
1. When Terms and Conditions apply
These terms and Conditions apply to accommodation
services provided by Kotimaailma Apartments (later
Kotimaailma) unless otherwise agreed in writing. In
addition to these Terms and Conditions, Housing
Regulations in Kotimaailma Apartments and Finnish laws
also apply in every contract. Terms and Conditions and
Housing Regulations can be found in each of the
apartments as well as Kotimaailma´s website.
2. Validity of the Contract
Accommodation Contract can be agreed either in writing or
verbally. Reservation made by Client is binding to both
parties once Kotimaailma has confirmed the reservation. In
order to confirm the reservation, Kotimaailma can request a
deposit and a signed contract. The Accommodation
Agreement ends officially only when all contractual
obligations are fulfilled and all keys are returned to
3. Terms of Cancellation
If Kotimaailma cannot provide the Client with the
accommodation reserved due to insurmountable and
unforeseen circumstances, Kotimaailma can cancel the
reservation. The Client must be informed about the
cancellation as soon as possible and all payments made
must be refunded without delay. The cancellation is binding
when the Client has been informed either by telephone or
in writing (letter by post or email).
If the Client cancels the reservation/agreement, the
cancellation fee is determined by the following table. If the
Client delays the start of the reservation by more than two
weeks, the original reservation is deemed to be cancelled.
New reservation is handled as a separate reservation.
Cancellation before the start of the Contract:
Over 21 day reservations:
Cancellation 31 or more days before beginning of
accommodation: No fees.
Cancellation 15-30 days before beginning of
accommodation: Price of 1 week’s accommodation.
Cancellation 7-14 days before beginning of accommodation:
Price of 2 week’s accommodation.
Cancellation 0-6 days before beginning of accommodation:
Price of 3 week’s accommodation.
Less than 21 day reservations:
If cancelled or modified up to 15 days before date of arrival,
no fee will be charged.
If cancelled or modified up to 7 days before date of arrival,
50 percent of the total price of the reservation will be
If cancelled or modified later or in case of no-show, the
total price of the reservation will be charged.
Fixed-term contract cannot be cancelled after the
accommodation period has started. The Client is obliged to
take care of the payments until the end of the contract.
The notice period is agreed case by case. Notice period is 30
days, however not exceeding the remaining
accommodation period, unless otherwise agreed. If
Kotimaailma's offer was based on a length of a reservation
but the accommodation period ends prematurely (due to
Client's changed needs), Kotimaailma is allowed to revise
the weekly price according to the actual accommodation
4. Re-locating the Client
If exceptionally Kotimaailma cannot provide the Client with
the accommodation reserved for the whole
accommodation period or if replacement accommodation is
absolutely necessary due to another important reason,
Kotimaailma has a right to re-locate the Client to another
similar accommodation without any extra costs to the
5. The Client's Obligations
When the Client arrives to pick up the keys to the
accommodation, he/she needs to provide Kotimaailma with
all necessary travel information required by law and if
requested, prove their identity. Kotimaailma has the right to
check the Client's credit ratings.
Insurance Company clients, that do not have a notice
period, are required to inform Kotimaailma how their
renovations at home are proceeding and expected
completion time.
6. Obligations and Housing Regulations in the Place of
The Client is allowed to use the accommodation for normal
living. The accommodation or part of it cannot be sub-let to
third party unless this has already been agreed with
a. The Client is obliged to take care of the Apartment and its
contents and use the contents and equipment only for the
purpose they would normally be used for.
b. All disturbances in the Apartment is strictly forbidden.
The Client is not allowed to disturb neighbors with his/her
behavior. Housing regulations and rules and advice
published by authorities are to be obliged during the
accommodation period.
c. Smoking, using intoxicants or engaging in criminal activity
is forbidden.
d. Duplicating keys is forbidden
If the Client has seriously or repeatedly broken these rules,
Kotimaailma considers the contract breached and can ask
the Client to leave the accommodation immediately. In
these cases the Client cannot demand any refund,
compensation or discount from the price agreed in the
7. Access to the Accommodation by Kotimaailma
Kotimaailma's representatives are entitled to visit the
apartment for the purpose of viewings or a general check of
condition. Accommodation provider or their
representatives are entitled to visit the apartment during
the duration of the contract at a time suitable for the Client,
agreed between Kotimaailma and the Client (for the
purpose of cleaning, maintenance work, installing
household equipment). Kotimaailma's representatives have
a right to check the apartment without forewarning if there
is a strong suspicion of damage in the accommodation or
any illegal activities.
8. The Condition of the Apartment After the
Accommodation Period
The Client needs to keep the apartment tidy and take care
of washing the dishes and taking the rubbish/garbage out
daily. Final cleaning is part of Kotimaailma's service. The
cleaning service normally takes 1,5 hours to do the final
cleaning in a one-bedroom apartment, 2 hours in a twobedroom
apartment and 3 hours in a three-bedroom
apartment. If the Client has left the apartment in such state
that it takes longer to clean the apartment, extra cleaning
costs may be charged to the Client.
Smoking is strictly forbidden in the apartment. Kotimaailma
is entitled to charge 750 euros or more if the apartment has
to be de-odorised due to smoking.
If any personal items have been left in the apartment,
Kotimaailma has the right to remove these from the
apartment, but no obligation to store them. All expenses
occurring from removal of clients items from the
apartments are charged to the client.
9. Damages Accountability
The Client is obliged to compensate fully any damages or
disturbance he/she or any person staying in the apartment
with the Clients permission has caused by negligence or
carelessness to the accommodation or its contents or other
spaces that are being used by the Client. Any contents
missing or any unusual cleaning/laundry costs are to be
compensated. The Client is also responsible for any
damages or disturbance caused by a pet.
If the damage or disturbance was caused by the Client's
negligence or was done in purpose or the Client has
breached contractual obligations, The Client is obliged to
compensate the damage fully to Kotimaailma.
10. Notification of Problems with Accommodation
Kotimaailma must be notified immediately of any
complaints or problems relating to the accommodation, so
that Kotimaailma has an opportunity to fix the problem.
Kotimaailma is not liable to compensate for any complaints
that are received after the accommodation contract has
11. Handing the keys to Kotimaailma
”Keys” in the contract also mean keys to car parks, storage
units, remote controls, parking cards and other spaces
belonging to the apartment. If key/keys are broken or lost
during the accommodation period, Kotimaailma has a right
to charge The Client 350 euros or more if the costs
replacing the keys are higher. If the payment for a lost
key/keys isn’t made immediately, Kotimaailma has a right to
terminate the contract without any obligation to
reimbursement. If the Tenant has received more than one
key, Kotimaailma is not obliged to replace the lost key.
If all the keys for the apartment are not returned to
Kotimaailma by 12 noon on the day of departure,
Kotimaailma has a right to charge The Client a fine of 350
euros + 45 euros per every hour and change the locks at
The Client’s expense as per terms and conditions. If these
procedures should lead to delay of the check-in with the
next Client or cancellation of the next reservation,
Kotimaailma is entitled to charge all costs and loss of
earnings from the Client.
12 Other costs
Any water fees and electric fees included in Kotimaailma´s
offer are considered to compensate normal consumption. If
the Client uses water and/or electricity on a higher rate
than normal, all extra costs can be charged from the client.
11. Compensation and Kotimaailma's Responsibilities
Should there be any delay with the hand-over or the quality
of the accommodation has suffered considerably due to
mistake made and not rectified by Kotimaailma, the Client
is entitled to compensation or in maximum refund of fees
already paid. If the client has ordered any extra services,
but does not use the services agreed in the contract, Client
is not entitled to any refunds.
12. Kotimaailma's Right to Terminate the Contract
Kotimaailma is entitled to terminate the accommodation
contract if it is substantially breached by the Client. The
contract is terminated immediately when the Client is
notified of the termination or at a later date determined by
Kotimaailma. After termination the contract is valid for the
purpose of calculating compensation costs.
13. The Client's Right to Terminate the Contract
The Client is entitled to terminate the contract, if
Kotimaailma has not rectified the problem or delay with the
hand-over in time mutually agreed and the contract has
been reached. Practicalities of the termination have to be
agreed mutually in writing.
14. Applying Law and Solving Disagreement
Finnish law is applied to all cases of disagreements. All
disagreements related to this contract are solved by
Kotimaailma's local district court in Turku.